Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As in any profession, it is critical that an individual understand their working environment if they hope to succeed. The internet and online trading have truly been a revolution in the financial industry. It is very easy to open up an account online and start clicking the buy and sell buttons. The fact that this process is easy, however, is misleading. It just means that the uneducated investor can get impaled much more quickly today than he could five years ago. The stock market is the monster of all roller coasters, lifting traders to hairraising highs, then dropping them to the lowest, with no regard for their screams.
If you think of it as a small business, the initial investment in equipment a good laptop/computer, one to three monitors, fast internet server, and software. You can stay in bed when you are sick also, no need to got to office, no need to wear tie, you can trade in torn T-Shirts and slippers.

If you want to know more about trading there are many books available for beginners in trading. Here is some books for you

Book 1: The Art of Forex Trading

Book 2:  FX Bootcamp's Guide to Strategic and Tactical FOREX Trading

Book 3: Forex Trading Made Simple

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